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Tilers & Trade Flexi One

Flexi One - Blue is a rubber modified, flexible off white tile adhesive.

Price: $ 21.40
GST incl: $ 1.95

Tilers & Trade Rubber One

A premium water resistant, flexible rubber based, fast setting, cementitious adhesive for bonding ceramic and stone tiles to porous and ...

Price: $ 19.70
GST incl: $ 1.79

Tilers & Trade Armour Premium

Tilers & Trade Armour Premium is a high strength, polymer and rubber modified, flexible adhesive which has been specially formulated to provide ...

Price: $ 22.50
GST incl: $ 2.05

Tilers & Trade Armour Prostik

Tilers & Trade Armour Prostik is a high strength, polymer, flexible, cement based adhesive which has been specially formulated to provide extra ...

Price: $ 18.90
GST incl: $ 1.72

Tilers & Trade Armour Mastic - 15ltr

Tilers & Trade Armour Mastic is a pre-mixed, white, flexible, anti-slump ceramic tile adhesive recommended for most internal thin bed wall ...

Price: $ 58.95
GST incl: $ 5.36

RLA White Mastik

RLA Mastik is a premium grade polymer modified flexible white cement based tile adhesive.

Price: $ 24.50
GST incl: $ 2.23

Just 2 Ezy - 15kg

Just 2 Ezy is a premium grade, smooth white cement based tile adhesive. It is ideal for large format tiles and can be used for internal and ...

Price: $ 42.95
GST incl: $ 3.90

Tilebond Extra

Tilebond Extra is a premium grade white cement based tile adhesive.

Price: $ 18.80
GST incl: $ 1.71

Commercial Fast Set

Commercial FS is a premium grade rapid setting, polymer modified, white cement based tile adhesive.

Price: $ 44.25
GST incl: $ 4.02

UniGrip - 15kg

A premium grade flexible white cement based tile adhesive.

Price: $ 25.00
GST incl: $ 2.27

Kemflex 2:1

A two-pack flexible general purpose internal and external floor and wall adhesive, suitable for thin or thick bed application on surfaces ...

Price: $ 135.30
GST incl: $ 12.30

Kemgrip Standard

Waterproof ceramic tile adhesive.

Price: $ 15.60
GST incl: $ 1.42

Kemgrip Super

Waterproof ceramic tile adhesive with extra grip.

Price: $ 30.25
GST incl: $ 2.75
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Easy Mix Screed

Easy Mix Screed is a mixture of double washed and graded coarse sands, cement and additives.

Price: $ 9.50
GST incl: $ 0.86

Davco Supamastic - 15ltr

A ready to use, pre-mixed, flexible tile adhesive.

Price: $ 59.95
GST incl: $ 5.45

GP Cement

Easy Mix GP Cement is a general purpose cement which meets Australian Standard AS3972, Type GP.

Price: $ 8.45
GST incl: $ 0.77

Davco Gold Label

A flexible, thin or thick bed, cement-based adhesive specifically formulated to bond tiles onto a variety of substrates.

Price: $ 24.95
GST incl: $ 2.27

Grab & Go Pack

Overstocked Special! Normally sold at $69.95 incl. Special price - $34.95 incl. Only while stocks last!

Price: $ 34.95
GST incl: $ 3.18

T-Rex Power - Crystal

T-Rex Power Crystal is a high quality, crystal clear, neutral, elastic, 1-component adhesive sealant based on SMX-Polymer.

Price: $ 15.90
GST incl: $ 1.45

T-Rex Power Fast Grab

Soudal T-Rex Power is a high quality, single component MS polymer based adhesive sealant with a high initial tack.

Price: $ 12.90
GST incl: $ 1.17
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Soudal Soudabond Easy PU Adhesive

SOUDABOND EASY is a ready-to-use, single component, self-expanding polyurethane adhesive for clean, efficient and economical permanent bonding ...

Price: $ 24.00
GST incl: $ 2.18

Masonry Veneer Installation System

Laticrete Masonry Veneer Mortar is a patented, versatile polymer fortified mortar designed specifically for the installation of adhered masonry ...

Price: $ 59.70
GST incl: $ 5.43


A polymer modified rubber based, fast setting, cementitious adhesive for bonding ceramic and stone tiles to porous and non-porous surfaces.

Price: $ 26.70
GST incl: $ 2.43


A white polymer modified, flexible cement based adhesive with non-shrink and non-slip/slump properties.

Price: $ 23.15
GST incl: $ 2.10
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