Tilers and Trade Shop is a One Stop Shop for all things tiling!  Tile Cutters, Adhesives, Grouts, Diamond Tools, Sponges and Trowels.  Everything you need for tiling!

Amark Group is an Australian owned and managed family business, supplying the tile/stone industry with the most comprehensive range of tiling products in Australia.

Our large inventory of stock, quality product range, experienced sales team, and efficent logistics systems, allow us to serve our customers at a level that exceeds all others.

Amark Group

Deluxe Grout Rake

A heavy duty twin blade grout remover fitted with one tungsten grit coated blade and one metal serrated blade. Used for fast removal of grout ...

Price: $ 12.00
GST incl: $ 1.09
Price: $ 14.00
GST incl: $ 1.27

Sigma Handle - 24E

To suit Sigmas with 8mm Bar

Price: $ 95.50
GST incl: $ 8.68

Sigma Handle - 24AE

To suit Sigmas with 10mm bar

Price: $ 95.50
GST incl: $ 8.68

Mosaic Tile Nippers

A professional tile nipper for fine scoring and cutting of mosaic tiles.

Price: $ 25.00
GST incl: $ 2.27

Straight Offset Tile Nippers

A professional tungsten tipped tile nipper with two offset straight jaws.

Price: $ 22.95
GST incl: $ 2.09

Bright Steel Trowel

Ergonomically designed handle for superior comfort and grip and tempered high carbon steel blade.

Price: $ 19.00
GST incl: $ 1.73
Notch Size Tooltip

Caulking Silicone Gun

A quality caulking gun to suit 310mL cartridge, with a swivel handle and ladder hook.

Price: $ 22.00
GST incl: $ 2.00

250mm Rodia Top Continuous Diamond Blade

A premium blade for an accurate cut of ceramic, porcelain, glazed porcelain, marble & granite.

Price: $ 275.00
GST incl: $ 25.00

100mm OTEC Thin Turbo Blade

A high performance ultra thin turbo blade with a reinforced flange for cutting of very hard porcelain and vitrified tiles.

Price: $ 41.00
GST incl: $ 3.73
Price: $ 10.90
GST incl: $ 0.99

Grout Boat

A pointed rubber grouter with a sturdy poly handle and a soft rubber base.

Price: $ 13.00
GST incl: $ 1.18

Epoxy Grout Float

A professional epoxy grout float with a lightweight plastic handle and a rubber base.

Price: $ 14.50
GST incl: $ 1.32

Sigma Sponge and Handle

A genuine Sigma sponge float with a highly absorbent sponge.

Price: $ 24.50
GST incl: $ 2.23
Price: $ 15.70
GST incl: $ 1.43

Hack Saw

A 300mm heavy duty hacksaw takes all standard hacksaw blades.

Price: $ 19.95
GST incl: $ 1.81

Knee Pads

Professional lightweight rubber knee pads with anti-roll square front for extra stability. Made In Germany.

Price: $ 39.95
GST incl: $ 3.63

Kneeling Board - 400 x 150mm

Protect your knees! Soft and durable foam material.

Price: $ 9.95
GST incl: $ 0.90

Stainless Steel Trowel

A stainless steel notched trowel with a soft grip handle and stainless steel blade which ensures no rust.

Price: $ 25.00
GST incl: $ 2.27
Notch Size Tooltip

Bright Steel Long Trowel

A professional notched trowel with a large blade for greater glue coverage.

Price: $ 24.00
GST incl: $ 2.18
Notch Size Tooltip

9" Red Handle Gauging Trowel

Genuine German gauging trowel with a grip handle, a tempered precision ground blade and an ‘S’ shank designed and balanced to sit on the edge of ...

Price: $ 33.00
GST incl: $ 3.00

9" Gauging Trowel

Genuine German gauging trowel with a timber grip handle, a tempered precision ground blade and an ‘S’ shank designed and balanced to sit on the ...

Price: $ 34.95
GST incl: $ 3.18
Price: $ 4.50
GST incl: $ 0.41

Heavy Duty Blade Dispenser - 100pk

Made from high carbon alloy steel precision ground and sharpened to a razor edge.

Price: $ 49.95
GST incl: $ 4.54
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